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Welcome to the studio of Hawaiian born Photographer Pākē Salmon. Pākē creates images on land, in the sea with heavy breaking Hawaiian surf, & even in the air with use of drones. She is a diverse photographer & cinematographer  & is passionate about her Polynesian culture.  Pākē has worked with Hollywood Movie Studios, broadcast networks & artist from around the world.  She specializes in portraits, commercial editorials &  has recently become a highly sought after Hawaii  destination wedding photographer with clients from all over the world booking her.  She is easy to work with, has expansive knowledge of Hawaii locations, natural lighting, & knows how to bring out the best from her clients.  She has worked shooting either video or photos for such clients as Disney Imagineering, Comedy Central, Universal Studios, NBC's hit TV show Lost to name a few.  Her photography has also been featured in national & international magazines and she has done staunch advocate for her community and the environment.  Currently she is working on a couple of  independently funded films she is passionate  about sharing. Her passion is retelling Polynesian stories & histories through film & photography.

She maybe reached at PakeSalmon@yahoo.com or 808-258-7253.  

Nature Photography


  • Antonio Lujac-1833
  • Antonio Lujac-1985
  • Antonio Lujac-2114
  • Antonio Lujac-2352
  • Antonio Lujac-2232
  • Antonio Lujac-2450
  • _MG_5953
  • Antonio Lujac-1762
  • My hero and friend Daryl Hanna "peace" and love.

    My hero and friend Daryl Hanna "peace" and love.

  • I loved capturing this image of Daryl in this angel costume.

    I loved capturing this image of Daryl in this angel costume.

  • Daryl Hannah Angel Wings & Ukulele

    Daryl Hannah Angel Wings & Ukulele

  • _MG_9203

Hawaii Destination Weddings

  • _B1J5191
  • _B1J5225
  • _B1J5293
  • _B1J5540
  • _B1J5585
  • _MG_2096
  • _MG_2110
  • _MG_2106
  • _MG_8141
  • _B1J0359
  • _B1J0601
  • _B1J0596
  • _MG_3226
  • _MG_3286
  • _MG_3580
  • _MG_3603
  • _MG_3612
  • _MG_3739
  • _MG_4020
  • _MG_4031
  • _MG_9135
  • _MG_9061
  • _MG_9168
  • _MG_9245
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